IT summer school

Prague / Brno | 2017

Programming gives you power to create anything. It can be learned – not a bogey. Your sheer will to create and willingness to start is enough. IT Summer school is a week long camp for all the high school girls.

You will experience the whole week of programming, coding and graphic design

Let's program, code, create your own blog or game. Try creating new stuff and applications with us. You can change the world with technologies. You can learn how to program. You don't have to be geek to be able to learn it. You only need to have a strong will to start, motivation to study and hard work. Start creating now.

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What it is all about?

Are you deciding what field of study you should choose after high school? What university you should choose? With us you will see information technology from different point of view. During one week we will show you what the world of information technology is really about. We will teach you the basics of web development, programming and graphic design. Come join us and see for yourself that IT is not only for boys.

During one week we will teach you:

  • how to create a web page by using HTML and CSS
  • how to work with vectors and graphic programs
  • how to program and create your own application

Are you a beginner and you have never heard of HTML, CSS or any programming language? No problem! The camp is designed for beginners. We will teach you from the beginning and step by step, according to your pace.

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What else will you experience?

  • You will use a lot of different technologies. Last year we played with virtual reality and LEGO robots.
  • You will visit our partners from IT field.
  • You will meet many interesting people, who will let you look behind the scenes of big IT companies or university labs. Last year we met a developer from Skype or a representative from Microsoft, talented students from Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University or aerospace engineers.
  • Last but not least, you will meet other 30 enthusiastic girls, who are curious and have motivation to dive into IT just like you.
There is a lot of work ahead of us. But it will be worth it.

Important information

When all this takes place ?

In Brno: 7.8.-11.8.2017
In Prague: 21.8.2017-25.8.2017

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